REIKI – What Can Animals Teach Us?

What can animals teach us? After all, we are human beings & our brains are more evolved right? It’s not about the evolution of the mind, it’s about the evolution of the spirit. It’s about our connection to energy , to animals, to our earth to all of it-earth & sky, the yin & yang, the two halves of the whole existence!

Reiki is really about our awareness of the interdependence of all things, our ability to live in the present moment, to forgive the past & to accept with grace & dignity for all things that cross our paths.

I have come to realize doing Reiki healing with dogs, they are much more evolved than we are. It shows us that when we human beings open our hearts & minds to the dogs in our lives the possibilities are infinite. If we can let go of our human preconception that our species is somehow superior to all the other species. With the practice of Reiki , we can learn to open our hearts. In this open interconnected space of the infinite, we can learn the lessons of the animals teachings in courage, forgiveness , compassion ,love & hope. If we can nurture mindfulness & try to live in the space of compassionate intention every moment of every day then perhaps our planet can someday find harmony & peace.  Whether we realize it or not our journey on this earth begins with the animals & ends with the animals!