Happy Pup Pic’s

WP_20131029_002Sid Ryder Jessie & CharlieHannah & CraigCharlie relaxing on this beautiful dayRyder with yogurt on her noseRyder & Craig in the canoeWP_20131012_004Hannah & Jessie in actionLauries Cell phone pictures and videos 408Kristys bfs dogsTobyAdoboToby buddy and luckyV__9DB5WP_20131125_003WP_20131107_003Sid, Charlie & pups stealing my chair!WP_20140314_002WP_20140125_003WP_20140110_0102012-06-18 07.59.04WP_20140410_010WP_20140616_001WP_20140413_001WP_20140611_007WP_20140818_007WP_20140311_001Kayla our new foster dogimage (3)Diesel & CharliePupsThe gang1084211PupsCharlie and Bear Bear on their new bed I made them9

Rhoda & Cypress