How to Get Bitten by A Pet!

How to Get Bitten by A Pet!

Feb 19, 2015

It Can happen and be avoided more then you think…

* Expect to get bitten if you get in the middle of an ongoing fight or one that’s about to begin between animals!

*Expect to get bitten if you harass or pester pets, especially if they are preoccupied!

*Expect to bet bitten if you try to grab or rescue a scared pet or wild animal!

*Expect to get bitten if you handle animals, especially pocket pets that don’t know you well or have not been trained to accept or enjoy handling!

*Expect to bet bitten if a pet loses patience or wants to be left alone!

: Recognize the signs or situations that indicate when a pet needs a break. Pets that haven’t been rewarded enough for tolerating handling, especially by kids, are more likely to react sooner to bad human etiquette. Practice pairing treats with handling so that the pet learns that being handled is a positive experience!

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